Dear reader,

I am not a meeting planner.  

I am an experience maker. 

Did I lose you yet?  

Well, I sure hope not!  

The term “meeting planner” has pigeon-holed us into a realm of little creativity. Of little excitement. Of little meaning.  

We’ve been marginalized.  

It’s time to change the narrative. 

And what better time than now to do just that.  We’ve entered the month of December, the final month of the year, when people begin to think about their 2023 resolutions – “how am I going to change MY narrative come January 1?” 

But guess what? We’re not waiting for January 1. We’re changing the narrative now — yesterday.  

I don’t know how much you’ve thought about your elevator pitch lately – but recently, POP | X has been honed in on perfecting ours.

“We create experiences and engagements to help organizations tell their stories in strategic, creative, and human-centric ways.” 

We are guided by the lifecycle of an event – of an experience. We curate it. We plan it. We nurture it. We plan it. We celebrate it.  We plan it. Repeat but differently. 

Life as an experience maker IS an experience in and of itself! We are learning about the latest trends across a multitude of industries – health, technology, fashion, you name it – and brainstorming how we can put those trends into play in unheard of ways so that YOU can hear about it later!!! 

What is going to attract a crowd? And what is going to attract a crowd in the digital verse, BEYOND just the physical realm?  

Through experiences, event attendees can and will photograph and video every aspect of it. That’s free advertising. And to us, that sounds like a no brainer. And hey, your attendees are scrolling through their phones day in and day out and hearing about the cool things happening. They certainly are not going to settle for any less, so you have no choice but to step up to the plate. Swing, batter, batter, swing! 

Don’t just stay up to date on the latest and greatest. BE the latest and greatest. 

Don’t shy away from uncharted waters. Break through the waves. Chart the waters.  

Don’t be afraid to jump. Do something new. Do the scary thing – because, maybe, just maybe, that jump will take you soaring. Not falling.  

Being a meeting planner is no longer an apt description of what we do. 

We are Experience Makers!!!! 

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