Apr 16th Harnessing AI to Transform Event Planning: A Personal Journey at MPISCC’s WECon

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Hey there! At MPISCC’s WECon, I had the exhilarating opportunity to facilitate a session that was nothing short of a whirlwind adventure into the innovative world of event planning powered by AI. In just 45 minutes, my group of forward-thinking event professionals and I rolled up our sleeves to design a fictitious yet fully conceptualized event. We landed on the healthcare sector, and Denver became our canvas for a September 2025 conference. Let’s dive into our rapid-fire journey and ponder the endless possibilities that a little more time with AI could have unlocked.

We hit the ground running, and the atmosphere was electric as each session attendees weighed in, crafting the contours of our event. Our decisions—industry, location, date, and theme—were more than mere details; they were the seeds of inspiration for what was to come. It set a thrilling tone for innovation and set the stage for AI’s transformative role in our industry’s future.

One of the session’s highlights was the lively interplay of ideas as we engaged with ChatGPT to conjure up event names and themes. The rapidity with which AI presented creative options was a game-changer, sparking rich debates and leading us to a consensus that resonated deeply. This wasn’t just about brainstorming; it was a live demonstration of AI’s impact on translating abstract concepts into the vital pillars of our event’s identity.

Our chosen theme set the stage for diving into the creation of detailed personas. We sought not just to understand who our attendees would be, but also to comprehend their inner motivations and professional aspirations. This critical insight shaped every facet of our event, ensuring that we hit the mark in relevance and engagement, even within the constraints of our brief time together.

With a clear vision of our audience, we crafted the beginnings of a robust content strategy. ChatGPT proved invaluable, helping us sketch out diverse tracks and potential sessions with a complex prompt that challenged it to create four concurrent tracks in six time slots with three session topics for each. The strategic advantage was unmistakable: a content strategy that would not only attract attendees but captivate them, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

We quickly surveyed the landscape of marketing strategies and monetization possibilities, where AI offered sharp insights for a successful financial blueprint based on a target profit we specified. Had we more time, AI’s prowess could have further revolutionized our approach to sponsor and exhibitor sales messaging, unlocking opportunities for generating revenues from those sales and also new revenue avenues to maximize our event’s profitability.

The use of DALL-E to conjure up a logo and session room layouts brought our vision to life, showcasing AI’s power to actualize our creative aspirations swiftly. Given more time, the full spectrum of our event’s visual and experiential design could have been realized, from branding to detailed venue arrangements.

Given more than our 45-minute sprint, the full potential of AI in event planning could have been explored so many sectors including:

  • Personalized Attendee Experience: From custom itinerary builders to personalized recommendations, AI could revolutionize the attendee journey.
  • Sponsorship Optimization: AI’s data analysis could pinpoint ideal matches between sponsors and event segments, crafting a more targeted and fruitful partnership landscape.
  • Exhibitor Engagement: AI could enhance exhibitor ROI with predictive analytics, ensuring they connect with the right attendees at the right time.
  • Culinary Experiences: Imagine AI-curated menus that cater to the diverse palates and dietary requirements of attendees, all while managing food waste and optimizing cost.
  • Sustainability Practices: AI could lead the charge in making events greener, analyzing data to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable choices.

Our session at WECon may have been brief, but it was abundantly clear that we had just scratched the surface of what AI could bring to the world of event planning. The tools we employed and the strategies we discussed were a sneak peek into a future where AI is integral to crafting extraordinary event experiences.

P.S. For those curious about the horizons AI can expand in event planning, my session was merely an appetizer. I invite you to join me in exploring these technologies further. The future is ripe with opportunity for those who dare to embrace AI and elevate their event experiences to new heights. To that end, I am thrilled to offer a complimentary hour-long training session on leveraging AI as a strategic tool in the events and hospitality industry—or any industry, for that matter. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the AI revolution in event planning, reach out to me at [email protected].

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