WHO: Ashley Graham

WHY: Through her focus on positivity and self-worth, she reminds us that we are beautiful at every curve.  


WHO: Nat Kelley

WHY: She speaks her mind about the most sensitive of topics – even when they may be unpopular – and reminds us that if you stand for something, say something. 


WHO: Becca Rea-Tucker

WHY: She’s the sweetest feminist we know with a recipe for validation, destigmatization, and highlighting human rights – sprinkled equally with salt and sugar. 


WHO: Emma Watson

WHY: Continuing her knack for magic, Emma uses it now as a powerful potion for gender equality as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the HeForShe campaign. 


WHO: Ashley Lukashevsky aka “Ashluka”

WHY: She paints an eloquent canvas for collective liberation across equal pay, abortion, and LBGTQ+ among others – and invites us to see “what the world looks like.”


WHO: Laura Bates

WHY: Laura is not afraid to shed a light on sexism and gender inequality and with empathy and respect, gives those who have experienced it a powerful voice. 


WHO: Bean Gill

WHY: After taking her last four steps from a window to her bed in a Las Vegas hotel room, and spending the last ten years in a wheelchair, she challenges us to treat the disabled with respect, kindness, and asks us to please never use the handicapped stall in a women’s room ever again. 


WHO: Julieta Martinez

WHY: We are in awe of her commitment to climate change in Latin America, having founded, at 14 years old, the global action platform, Tremendas, which currently has 1,800 young activists participating.


WHO: Munroe Bergdorf

WHY: Because she is the epitome of beauty (inside and out), a role model for black trans women on their journey of self-love and acceptance, and provides a voice for black, trans, and queer voices across the beauty industry.  


WHO: Selena Gomez

WHY: Because she is brave, bold, transparent, and passionate – and is using her well-earned celebrity status to change the mental health narrative across the globe. 


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