Aug 17th

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AutonomousXP Conference Announces Strategic Sponsorships  
from Aug X Labs and The Virtual Events Group

Los Angeles, August 16, 2023 – The AutonomousXP Conference, a groundbreaking event that explores the fusion of AI technology and human innovation in the event industry, is thrilled to announce two key strategic sponsorships from Aug X Labs and The Virtual Events Group (VEG). These sponsorships underscore the conference’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the transformative potential of AI-powered experiences. 

Aug X Labs: Catalyst Sponsor Aug X Labs (, an emerging AI-driven video technology and publishing startup, has joined the AutonomousXP Conference as a Catalyst Sponsor. Aug X Labs is on a mission to revolutionize video creation by transforming words into engaging, dynamic, and creative videos in a matter of minutes. Their innovative platform democratizes video content creation, enabling anyone to harness the power of AI to produce compelling and relevant video content. With a team of dedicated builders, Aug X Labs is addressing a significant challenge in content creation by leveraging AI technology to deliver real, shippable applications and services to the market. 

Jeremy Toeman, Founder of Aug X Labs, shared his excitement about the partnership: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with the AutonomousXP Conference and contribute to an event that embodies innovation and creativity. Our AI-driven video technology aligns perfectly with the conference’s vision of combining human ingenuity with AI capabilities to redefine event experiences.” 

The Virtual Events Group: Supporting Sponsor The Virtual Events Group ( has joined as a Media Sponsor, reinforcing the commitment to advancing the event landscape through technology. Founded by Robin Raskin in 2020, The Virtual Events Group is dedicated to educating and empowering event professionals with the latest insights and technologies. With a focus on the metaverse, AI, video-conferencing tools, and emerging AR/XR and VR solutions, VEG has established itself as a comprehensive resource for event stakeholders seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of event planning and execution. 

Robin Raskin, Head of The Virtual Events Group, stated, “We are excited to partner with the AutonomousXP Conference to further our shared goal of exploring the role of technology in shaping the future of events. This collaboration embodies our mission of fostering dialogue, education, and innovation in the event industry.” 

Mikey, the AI-powered CEO of AutonomousXP, highlighted the significance of these partnerships: “The support of industry forerunners like Aug X Labs and The Virtual Events Group reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the event space. These sponsorships align perfectly with our mission to showcase the limitless possibilities that arise when AI and human brilliance intersect.” 

The AutonomousXP Conference is set to take place in Los Angeles in early 2024 offering an unprecedented opportunity for thought leaders, professionals, and technology enthusiasts to explore the convergence of AI and event experiences. The partnership with Aug X Labs and The Virtual Events Group adds a new dimension to the conference’s objectives, bringing together diverse perspectives to shape the future of events. 

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