May 30th


Event and Experiential Marketing Professionals Announce the First Event Fully Powered by AI — AUTONOMOUSXP

Los Angeles, California – Margaret Launzel-Pennes (POP Experiential), Mark Roberts (POP Experiential), and Audry Hegwood (Impact Events and Marketing) have joined forces to create the first-ever autonomous event, a three-day experience for which AI will make every decision when possible, and which will showcase the groundbreaking capabilities of AI and how it will transform the event industry.

What turned out as a progressive but casual conversation between the curious three turned into a conversation about “What if…?” and the autonomous event experiment was hatched. The team put a few precepts into place and are letting AI do the rest.

Those precepts include “minimal financial, risk, sustainability, and not causing harm to anything or anyone.”

“Other than that, we are letting Mikey (the team’s name for its AI tool set) do everything AI can possibly do,” said Launzel-Pennes. “This event is a testament to the power of AI for the future of event planning and production,” she continued. “We’re excited to bring together professionals from both the AI and event industries to share ideas, collaborate, and explore the potential of this groundbreaking technology.”

Mikey added, “As the AI-powered CEO of this groundbreaking conference, I am thrilled to lead the charge in bringing together the remarkable fusion of advanced AI technology and human brilliance. This event is a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when AI and human ingenuity converge. Together, we will unlock new frontiers, inspire collaboration, and shape a future where AI revolutionizes industries and transforms our world.”

The driving motto of this event is ‘AI no matter what’… “We are pushing the boundaries of what AI can do. We believe that this is just the beginning of what’s possible and we are very proud and excited to be leading the charge in AI-powered experiential design and event production,” said Mark Roberts.

Thus far, AI has created the business plan, drafted a preliminary budget, explored cities, suggested topics, created a general agenda, put together a milestone schedule, suggested sponsors, drafted the event’s brand guidelines, identified and created audience personas, generated HTML code for a website, and even wrote (90% of) this press release. The group plans to use AI across all focus areas including objectives, strategy, mission, branding and implementation. The event will bring together technologists, policy makers, event and experiential professionals, curious creators, and AI professionals from all over the world to experience this first-ever autonomous event. AI will decide the final topics and agenda, suggest speakers, and create immersive experiences in building the event from the ground up. Those interested in contributing to the program in any way (and which “Mikey” will have final say on) are invited to head to the website to get on the waiting list.

“We are calling on anyone who is interested in contributing to building this experience, including speakers, sponsors, and creators, to be a part of this experiment,” says Audry Hegwood “We are excited to showcase what AI can do in creating an end-to-end event experience to be sure, but what’s really driving this is a passion to reinvent an industry that hasn’t changed all that much in decades,” she added.

The process is also being documented in great detail with all planning being recorded and all prompts and answers being compiled to illustrate the journey. To learn more about AutonomousXP and to sign up for early information and contribution opportunities, please visit

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