BMC Software partnered with POP | X to produce a virtual event that would redefine their brand perception and provide an engaging platform for their employees and partners.

The mission was to create a game-changing destination that offered a cohesive, intuitive, resourceful, and engaging experience through a host of tools.


The primary objectives were to create a cohesive and intuitive virtual experience that challenged the traditional corporate perception of BMC.

The event aimed to curate an engaging experience that would resonate with a global audience, showcasing BMC’s innovative solutions and fresh visual identity.



POP | X managed the technical production of the virtual event, which included custom features like agenda building, regional localization, collaborative whiteboarding, dynamic messaging, and robust analytics.

The event reached over 7,840 registrants, with 4,000 attendees from 48 countries, demonstrating the massive global reach and engagement achieved.


The BMC Exchange virtual event was a success, with a 51% conversation rate and over 800 attendees engaging post-event.
The event showcased BMC’s commitment to innovation and customer engagement, with attendees spending an average of 1.1 hours in the exhibit hall and engaging in 2,137 chats during sessions. The technical event production by POP | X ensured a seamless and impactful virtual experience for all participants.

The art of experience.

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