CloudWater aimed to elevate brand awareness and customer engagement across California, New York, and Texas by providing a unique hydration experience at various festivals and events.

The campaign was designed to showcase the brand’s refreshing beverages through immersive experiences, enhancing product sampling, generating buzz, and fostering a sense of community among attendees.



The CloudWater activation, titled “Cumulus Chill Out,” invited festival-goers to an unparalleled hydration journey.

This included a Hydration Station for immediate product sampling, an Oxygen Bar, Chair Massage, and a Lounge Area for relaxation, coupled with a photo opportunity to share the experience on social media. The design was inspired by CloudWater’s cloud logo, emphasizing a light, refreshing brand atmosphere.


The CloudWater activation’s design, dubbed “Cumulus Chill Out,” was inspired by the ethereal and light nature of clouds, mirroring the brand’s cloud logo and the refreshing essence of its products.

The structural design aimed to create an oasis that embodied relaxation and refreshment amidst the bustling festival environment. This was achieved through the use of airy, cloud-like elements and a soothing color palette, inviting festival-goers into a visually stunning and serene space that not only highlighted CloudWater’s brand identity but also provided a memorable experience.

The design’s core was to connect consumers with the brand’s values of purity, health, and wellness, through an innovative and immersive physical presence.

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