This case study highlights the innovative stage design and fabrication for the Lattice Semiconductor Avant Launch, a key project within our Creative Studio portfolio.

The challenge was to create a stage that not only reflected the “Electric” energy and power of Lattice Avant but also maintained a focus on the speaker and content.

The design and fabrication process aimed to encapsulate the essence of Lattice’s expanding product offerings while ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for the audience.


The primary objective was to design a stage that resonated with the concept of “Electric,” symbolizing the dynamic energy and power provided by Lattice Avant.

The design needed to complement the speaker’s presence and the impactful content, without causing distraction.

A secondary goal was to visually represent Lattice Avant’s growing product range through innovative design elements, appealing to a broader demographic while keeping sustainability and cost-effectiveness in mind during the fabrication process.


The stage featured custom-designed and fabricated illuminated LED columns of varying sizes, symbolizing the expansion of Lattice’s product offerings.
The fabrication process focused on utilizing cost-effective and sustainable materials, ensuring an eco-friendly approach without compromising on quality or visual impact.



The stage design was meticulously crafted to engage the audience with high energy.

The lighting and audiovisual production were strategically planned to enhance the overall presentation, creating an immersive experience for attendees.

The subtle yet impactful design elements, such as the LED columns, were integrated to speak for themselves, reinforcing the focus on the speaker and content while embodying the “Electric” theme.

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