The Miami University Regional Roadshow aimed to showcase the best of the university and inspire potential donors to support its mission of scholarship, innovation, and impact.

The roadshow focused on four key categories: Design, Technology, Storytelling, and Connection, to create a dynamic and engaging experience.



The roadshow featured a red carpet entrance, cocktail reception with an autonomous robotic bartender, and immersive 360-degree map projection during dinner.

Special attention was given to the incorporation of LED panels inside the tables and a large format projection screen that immersed guests into the history, present, and future of Miami University. Additionally, we developed, designed, and activated a larger-than-life touchscreen game where attendees matched distinguished alumni with the businesses they founded and led. Speeches and awards highlighted the achievements of alumni and supporters, while an after-party and Exploratorium experience allowed guests to engage with interactive exhibits showcasing the university’s four cornerstones.


The Miami University Regional Roadshow successfully engaged alumni and potential donors, hitting target fundraising goals and exciting alumni about the opportunity to give back to their school.
The roadshow fostered connections and engagement among university representatives and guests, creating opportunities for networking, mentorship, and community-building that extended far beyond the event.

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