Lattice Semiconductor set out to revolutionize the FPGA market with the launch of their new mid-range development platform, Lattice Avant.

The primary goal was to showcase the platform’s superior performance and low-power capabilities, thereby demonstrating Lattice’s potential to double its addressable market. The event aimed to firmly establish Lattice as a frontrunner in the FPGA market, while also highlighting their comprehensive suite of innovative solutions.



The product launch was meticulously designed to mirror the sophistication of a high-end tech conference keynote.

Held at the prestigious Museum of Computer History, the event featured state-of-the-art floor-to-ceiling LED walls, creating an immersive storytelling environment that captivated the audience. POP | X took the reins in producing the show from inception to completion, expertly managing all technical production aspects. This included the creation of interactive demo stations, where attendees could engage with Lattice’s products firsthand and witness their real-world applications. A custom-designed stage set provided a visually striking backdrop for presentations and speeches, further enhancing the overall impact of the launch.


The Lattice Avant Launch was a resounding success, effectively communicating the brand’s innovative spirit and leadership in the FPGA market. Attendees left the event with a deep understanding of Lattice’s transformative impact and the vast potential of their products.
POP | X’s comprehensive management and production of the event ensured a seamless and professional experience, fostering excitement and engagement with the brand. The meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the event, from technical production to stage design, solidified Lattice’s position as a pioneer in the industry.

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